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Hey Big Spender is designed for you to spend less & smile more.

  • Are your spending habits are costing you more than what you bargained for?
  • Maybe you’ve just discovered that emotional & impulse spending is addictive and you want to get to grips with it?

Ann Carver – The Founder – transformed her own life by taking responsibility for her own habits and behaviours around money.  Now she helps other people from all walks of life get to the flip side of their situations. People who, like you, were forever chasing happiness in the material world, but  never truly finding it.  People, like you who turned to spending to distract themselves from the day to day reality of life, to only find later down the road this ‘shopping fix’ had become addictive.

Featured in newspapers, on the Radio and in TV programmes, her authentic style of help is enabling people to define what they really want out of life and as a result, they bring a quality back to their lives that no amount of money can buy.

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