Do either of these things relate to YOU?

  • You or a loved one are struggling to make money last?
  • img 015 woman on stoolYou’re in debt because of out of control spending habits?
  • You spend money to feel better about your life, and as a result you end up even unhappier and broke?
  • You’ve tried to tame your spending habits, but find its almost an impossible task? It’s like  a permanent part of you?

‘Know that it’s time to stop making your money and happiness slip':(£

Getting to Grips

Getting to grips with addictive emotional and impulsive spending habits (that are costing you BIG time) is your destiny. Are you aware that consumerism’s been seducing you to part with your cash for a lot longer that you realise? Do you know that this is what it’s designed to do? Extract as much money as it can from you! And all the time you’ve been making the BIG guys richer and you poorer. However, know it’s time for BIG change :)£

  • Know you can be your own best asset NOT a walking liability.
  • Know you can change your bad spending habits for much better ones.
  • Know you can be the person who’s in control of your wallet & purse strings.
  • And YES you do have the power to capture back control of your money & happiness.

Why bother? Because you deserve a life of confident calm, control, contentment and enrichment. These acts are the priceless gifts, waiting to be unwrapped from the inside out.

Hey big spender TM (2)

This bespoke approach to money and life is designed to open your eyes with authentic, engaging and action orientated education, delivered from a coaching and behaviour change concept. So you get to change the way you behave towards money and life for the better, forever. Tangible tools and resources have been created  to empower you to change the way you spend and relate to money, plus to get through the day with more money left in your purse/wallet.  You get to build your NO muscle, day by day, week by week and feel empowered and get savvier at spending in a way that soon becomes automatic.

Your Options

  1. You can read the book hey big spenderget an emotional grip’ and learn to grow out of your old ways by adopting brand new savvier ones. ‘I wrote this as part of my healing journey, I tells my story, along with the great people I learnt wealthy education and world class coaching from’ Ann Carver
  2. You can use the ‘red dot shopping kit’. Contents: a red dot distraction band, focus sticker and pen, plus the unique red dot strategy. ‘I created this when I needed to put my own spending safe guards in place‘. Miraculously this is proving to reduce weekly spending by approx. a third for the people who seriously use it. The kit stops you in the hyped up moment when temptation strikes. Its the day to day impulse and emotional spends that build your destructive spending habits and make your money disappear as if by magic. Any habit is formed by repeating a process often enough for it to take hold. However just as your destructive spending were adopted know they can be reversed. Yes the can change for the better.
    The RED Dot Kit is designed for you to adopt a wealth habit that leaves more money in your wallet/purse
  3. A CD or MP3 download is available which you can choose to listen to in the car. Included is a special relaxation track to help you ‘come to your senses‘. Your senses are sent wild within the consumerist culture of which we live (not to be played whilst driving or course!

If you’re feeling disappointed because you  need to ‘spend yet more money’, please do realise that this learning is an asset. In other words it will add value to your life. Know you will never stop spending money, as realistically we live is a consumerist society, but the key is to learn to spend  money in ways that are assets. Personally I spent thousands of pounds learning to get from where I was, when I was going through recovery I had to find my own way.  You will literally ‘behave and save’ yourself an absolute fortune when you invest a small amount of money. The other two things you need to do is 1. Commit to reading and learning 2. Act on what you learn, because action is the key to change.

Soon an online coaching programme will be available too.



Hi, I’m Ann Carver, I’m the founder of this work, but most of all I’m the woman who messed up with money BIG time. I reached my 40th birthday in BIG debt and despair because of four main reasons:

  1. Growing up a working class girl, I knew how to earn and spend money but NOT how to manage it. My parents or regular education didn’t teach me how either.
  2. Being self employed for 10 years with limited business skills. I failed to plan the finances and failed the business, eventually I had to fold my much loved work down!
  3. However it was the triple family tragedy (my mother, father and brother passing in quick succession) that triggered my spending to spiral out of control. At the time I was a mother, a teacher and a wife. This overwhelm was just too hard to face. Breast feeding my daughter meant I did not want medication, the bereavement counsellor only visited me once, so I decided I would somehow get through. On the first anniversary of my mums passing, (which also happened to be my 29th birthday) I decided to buy myself a bright red daisy jumper to cheer myself up, the perfect antidote, or so I thought. As the years went by, spending to mend Ann became a habit that led to an addiction.
  4. The fourth reason that caused my debt was because I was forever trying to take control of my life, but never truly knew how. Physical and mental abuse growing up had knocked my self worth as an adult. So I spent a BIG part of my life sabotaging my wealth in the process.

But now in my 50’s my life has transformed truly for the better, thanks to discovering coaching and being inspired by great role models. I’m also a coach and I was awarded a place at The School for Social Entrepreneurs in 2009 where the Hey Big Spender Coaching and Behaviour Change programme was created and has been running ever since. Over 400 people have come through the programme and made significant changes.

I’ve never been able to save for the future, and feel I have always wasted money on things. When I felt unhappy, I impulse spent to take my mind off of my problems, but I always felt worse afterwards. Because of Hey Big Spender, I now have the knowledge to change my life for the better. i have grown in confidence and now know why I spent the way I did _Aimy C

Red dot shopping made me realise that for the past twelve years at least one third of the items that I have been putting in the trolly have been trash. The ironic thing also is that I have been in debt for the same amount of time! Not only did I spend a lot less in the first week, but I went home and made cakes with the kids. They loved it_Anon

If you would like to read more of my story then click the link below to my article in The Guardian Ann Carver Confessions of a Spendaholic

 Ann Carver Confessions of a Spendaholic The Guardian

 Wealth stems from the word well-being, know over indulgent behaviour leaves you poorer NOT richer :(( £

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The addiction to spending is recognised yet practically unaddressed in the UK. Yet this is as serious as any other addiction as it leaves many people broke, feeling isolated because people around them cannot begin to comprehend or understand, distressed and unhappy and sadly many people take their own lives.

Conventional methods of help fail to recognise, understand or enable people to address this BIG problem. Budgeting is useless when a person is powerfully driven to spend, either by clever marketing strategies or by personal desires to compulsively buy. Loans simply give people with this problem a green light to spend, and financial advice only addresses the money and not the person. This is why it is essential to take the reins, to understand and start to apply change.

Ann Carver has Featured in newspapers, on the Radio and in TV programmes, her authentic style is a result of overcoming her own spending problems.

How to get a grip on spending, feel empowered and happier too.

Increase the amount of money you have left each week by approx. a third with the powerful & bespoke red dot strategy.

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