Hey big spender TM (2)

Designed for the spending addict in mind. Know that getting to grips with the over indulgent part of your personality is key to spending less & smiling more.  Many, many of the material things you buy are worthless liabilities NOT even assets! STOP yourself sabotaging your future wealth & happiness NOW!

The word wealth means well-being, but over indulgent behaviour leaves you poorer NOT richer :(( £

Hey big spender’s been designed for people like you who are:

  • Fed up of being unhappy and broke
  • Of being in the trap of wasting money & time pretending your feeling good when you’re not.
  • You know it doesn’t work because you keep ending up feeling worse.

Yet at the same time you attempt to stop spending but just can’t as you have a powerful habit that keeps driving you to buy. There’s just too many places and things tempting you to spend spend spend. Where will it all end?

  • Can you really get a grip? Or will this spendthrift way of life get the better of you forever?

Hey Big Spender coaching & behaviour change system, that provides tangible tools and resources for you understand, learn and take action, especially in day to day life where the bulk of your money keeps slipping. NOTE: Action is the key word here, as learning with out acting is simply pretending.

You can make a FREE start by signing up to receive quirky quote’s and tips. You could commit to buying and reading the Hey Big Spender book to help you understand and take action as this is Ann Carvers authentic and gripping story along with coaching and behaviour change tools for you to change your habits and behaviours for the better. By reading this you will learn to:


  •  build your NO muscle
  •  make assertive & wiser money and life choices 
  •  live a more enriched life from the inside out

          ‘So you get to become your own best asset, NOT a liability!’

In the UK this the addiction to impulse and emotional spending leaves many people broke, feeling they are the only ones, distressed and unhappy is practically unaddressed.

  • Are your spending habits are costing more money and happiness than you originally bargained for?
  • Maybe you see life through a poverty mind-set, so no matter how much you have its never enough?
  • Or perhaps you simply want to live a more fulfilled and happier life?

Ann Carver has Featured in newspapers, on the Radio and in TV programmes, her authentic style is a result of overcoming her own spending problems. Together with her experience and professionalism she is enabling people to become assets to themselves from the inside out.

Sign up and receive quirky quotes and tips for you to spend less and smile more.  Learn how become your own best asset NOT a liability, because you are worthy & worth it!

How to get a grip on spending, feel empowered and happier too.

Increase the amount of money you have left each week by approx. a third with the powerful & bespoke red dot strategy.

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